Nadal’s participation at USO and his outfit

About Rafa’s participation at USO 2014  Benito Barbadillo says: “ALL THE RUMORS ARE FALSE. Rafa will take a decision on Thursday or Friday.”



After victory over Janowicz Rafa is no.3 in rankings.
First semi-final between Pospisil and Raonic will start today not before 13.00 (th European time 21.00h), the 2nd between Novak and Rafa not before 20.00pm (the European time 2.00h). Last meeting on the hard court between Novak and Rafa was last Year at Australian Open. In the last 4 match on the hard court Djokovic won.2013

VIDEO Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend Maria Xisca Perello: Julio Iglesias Concert

Rafa and his girlfriend Maria Xisca Perello were on hand for the Julio Iglesias Concert in Barcelona.  Our friends at Rafael Nadal Fans found these great pictures of the Spanish No#1 from the Daily Mail.

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Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend Maria Xisca Perello: Julio Iglesias Concert.

Tennis Technology: Racquets of the Big 4 Federer Nadal Djokovic Murray

Just read this really great article called “Tennis Racquet Technology: How The Big 4 Differ” which outlines the racquets of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray.  This article gives you great insight into how the technology of each racquet suits the players style and form.  It also addresses tennis string tensions and string types as well.

Roger Federer

The Wilson BLX Pro Staff 90

Novak Djokovic

Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed Pro

Rafael Nadal

Babolat AeroPro Drive

Andy Murray

Head YOUTEK IG Radical Pro


Key Points

  • Roger uses the smallest racquet on tour
  • He also strings at the lowest tension of the top 4 to offset the loss off power caused by the frame he uses
  • Federer’s racquet has the thinnest beam and is the most “traditional” compared to the others making it harder to play with
  • Nadal strings at 55 lbs on both crosses and mains whatever the court surface or conditions
  • Djokovic has the densest string pattern to suit his flat hitting style
  • Federer, Murray and Djokovic all use a gut and synthetic set up on their strings, Nadal uses full poly

Read the full indepth article here

Rafael Nadal meets Rafa Nadal?

Josh Berry is famous for his impersonations of the top male tennis players. But how good is he? Will he pass Rafa’s test? Not only Rafa, but Josh does a pretty great Andy Murray and just ok Roger Federer 🙂

UDPATE: More fun from Josh Berry impressions of the Top 6 mens players in the world!

Here is a fun interview of Josh at WimbleDONE where he explains his passion for tennis 🙂